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CanSkate is Canada's flagship learn-to-skate program for children of all ages! 
This  program is ideal for skaters who have completed our PreCanskate program, and have attained Canskate Stage 1 or who can skate the perimeter of the ice on their own, skate forwards/backwards, jump and turn.

Our CanSkate program is 40-minutes in length and focuses on fun, participation and basic skills development. Lessons are taught in a group format by our NCCP Skate Canada Professional Coaches and our volunteer Program Assistants and focus on balance, control and agility. Skaters will receive ribbons and badges as the fundamental skills are achieved. Our coach to skater ratio is 1:10.   Parents/guardians are required to stay at the rink side at all times during the skating lessons. 

Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches make sessions fun and engaging by using props, fun music and games to promote learning. CanSkate is the feeder program to all other Skate Canada programs including CanPowerSkate (skaters must have achieved minimum Stage 2) and StarSkate (skaters must have achieved minimum Stage 4)


There are 3 fundamental movement stations in the CanSkate program. 

Balance (forward strides, glides, edges, crossovers)

Control (backward skating & stopping)

Agility (turning, jumping, spinning) 

Skaters are evaluated on an ongoing basis and are awarded ribbons and badges as the learn the required elements.  There are 6 stage badges and 18 fundamental movement ribbons. Skaters must complete all three of the A,B,C's in order to receive their badge for that stage. Skaters may move up at the 10-week mark of each season or on coach recommendation.

CanSkate Skills Stage 2-4


All skaters must wear a CSA approved helmet-bike helmets & ski helmets are not permitted. Face masks are not required, but are highly recommended for skaters at the PreCanSkate level. Helmets must be worn until skaters have passed Stage 5 of the CanSkate program. Mittens, light splash pants or snow pants, and layers with a warm sweater or jacket are suggested. 

Click here for:  Skate Canada's Helmet Use Policy


Hockey skates or figure skates (new or used) 

Skates with laces are recommended.If you buy a new pair of skates, please have them sharpened before your skaters first session.

Avoid the plastic  "ski boot" type skate, as the buckles tend to pop open when skaters fall, and they do not allow for the bending of ankles needed for developing power and speed 

Skates should fit properly. There should be enough room for skaters to move their toes but not enough room for their heel to slide. Skates must provide strong ankle support. If the boot it too flexible, the skaters ankles will "cave in" making being on the ice extremely difficult. 


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