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JUNIOR STAR 1 & 2 Program

The Junior Star 1 & 2 programs are for skaters who have completed CanSkate Stage 6  and would like to continue in the world of figure skating. The STAR program focuses on Skills, Dance, Freeskate and Interpretive. Skaters now have the ability to be assessed through a standardized testing system. StarSkate is not a badge program. Skaters will be assessed by coaches until Star 6. Skaters also have the opportunity to start attending competitions. 

Program Overview:

Dance consists of a set of specific steps, patterns and music as well as elements performed in isolation. 

Freeskate is a series if jumps, spins, field movements and footwork. Once a skater passes Star 1, they will have the opportunity to have a solo (choreographed moves set to music) Each freeskate assessment has 2 parts.

Skills are the essence of skating and is the language of skating! Consisting of edges, turns, and field movements, skaters work on balance, control and power. These skills are used in almost every part of skating.


Lessons: At the Star 1 level, all group lessons are included in your registration fees. Private coaching is recommended at this level, but is not required. A 1-night registration is required, but 2-nights are recommended.


Lessons: At the Star 2 level, skaters work independently on the skating disciplines and work in lessons with their coach. Private coaching and a  2-night minimum registration is required at this level.

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Types of Lessons

Semi-Private - A coach may work with 2 skaters at the same time

Group Lesson - A coach may work with 3-4 skaters at the same time

Private Lesson - 1:1 lesson with a coach


Skates & Attire: Figure skates are required at this level. "Recreational skates" are typically not supportive enough. Skates should have strong ankle support and no creases in the ankles. Canadian Tire does sell some "Intro Figure Skates" Look for Jackson brand skates here or visit a specialized figure skating store. 

Skaters should have their hair tied back and away from they face. Leggings or figure skating dress/skirt should be worn with a zip up yoga jacket, long sleeve shirt or light sweater (hooded sweaters are not recommended) Loose fitting pants (sweatpants) and jeans will not be permitted.


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