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COVID-19 Update

We are currently working with the Town of Orangeville and following Skate Canada, Skate Ontario and government guidelines, to determine ice time and fees for the 2020-2021 season. Updates will be provided on our social media outlets, website and communicated via email.

Updated Skate Ontario Return to Play Protocols: as of Monday. June. 29, 2020

  • STAR 1-4 all disciplines,
  • CanPowerSkate 
  • Putting Skates On – Skaters should follow facility guidelines with respect to putting their skates on. They may put their skates on / remove skates outside of the arena respecting physical distancing protocols and remaining at least 2m apart. Skaters can use their own vehicles, outdoor benches or bring their chairs (i.e. camping chairs). Alternatively, skaters may put their skates on / remove skates using open areas of the arena while following physical distancing guidelines and remaining at least 2m apart.
  • Off-Ice Classes – Off-ice classes may be conducted within the facility following facility and physical distancing guidelines that require remaining 2m apart. Off-ice classes may be conducted outside the facility following all provincial guidelines re: physical distancing/social circles.
  • Coaching Positions – Coaches and choreographers are recommended to coach from one spot on the ice or over the boards at rinkside. Coaches, choreographers and skaters must remain at least 2m apart from each other.


Founded over 55 years ago, Skate Canada Orangeville, a member club of Skate Canada, offers learn-to-skate, powerskating and figure skating programs to local residents of all ages.  The club is a non-profit organization run by an executive committee comprised of parent volunteers and our team of professional coaches. 

Beginning with the Precanskate for the very young, Canskate (the official learn-to-skate program of Skate Canada),CanPowerSkate for hockey players wishing to improve their skating skills that align with Hockey Canada as well as Starskate for the those interested in figure skating. 

We endeavor to keep our fees as low as possible through our fundraising efforts in order to keep the sport accessible to all members of the community.

Our Programs

Suitable for skaters 3+ who have little or no skating experience. Skaters will learn to balance, move forward, move backward, stop, jump and turn.
To find out more information, click the link below.

Suitable for skaters 5+ who have passed PreCanSkate, have  the basic skating skills- turning, stopping, jumping, skating backwards, or on coach recommendation. 
To find out more information, click the link below.

Suitable for skaters 10 & under, who have completed CanSkate Stage 2 or equivalent. Must be able to stop, turn, skate forward & backward without a stick. 
To find out more information, click the link below.


Suitable for skaters interested in pursuing figure skating. Skaters must have completed CanSkate Stage 5 or equivalent, or on coach recommendation.

To find out more information, click the link below.